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Die Messdiener unserer Partnergemeinden

We are glad about your answer. On 30 november we got 5 new mass-servers in our church. We hope they will say long time with ous. They have created a candle where you can see symbolys what they think of friendship. They had created the symbols with wax and then they have put them on the candle. When do you get new mass-servers? What do you do at your meetings? We often play together, talking and we have much fun. Next week we have our Christmas Party. All servers from our parish and we get little presents for Christmas. Have you also got a Christmas meeting with all of your mass-servers? Next year we are going to go on a mass-servers weekend. We want to have much fun, because in our parish the children think that a mass-server are every mass in the church and have not much fun. So we are going to go on a trip. Do your children belive so too. What are the mass-servers in your panish doing during the mass? Who does it look like your mass? How long is it? By us the mass takes about 50 minutes. We, the mass-servers, bring the Father during the mass the gifts and we hold the candle when the priest read the Evangelium. How old is your oldest server? Our oldest is over 20 years old and we have two special servers who are over 60 years. We are present on many celebration. In our church, we have a camp which is in the sommer holidays for children from 8 till 14 years. The first camp started over 30 years.There we play with the children and enjoy the atmosphere without a computer, television or other electricity things.We think, it is very important to have such a camp, because we must remind the children for their beautiful life. After that camp, there is one special camp for the families. The camps are very famous at our panish. Here are some pictures from our mass-servers.
We hop that we can creat the partnership with you and you can answer all our questions
Sincerely yours,
Acting deputy, for the Mass-Servers from Frankfurt -Unterliederbach in Germany

Sebastián Andrés and Felix Dietrich

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answer from Djottin

During Easter Night 2003

Visit of Father Daniel Ache to Germany

Visit of Father Daniel Ache to Germany

Mass Server of St. Joseph, Djottin