Bishop Nkuo ordains three priests

By Livinus Tal Bam
OrdinationkumboThe Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo has ordained three priests. Edwin, Hyacinth and Siver were ordained last March 27, 2008 at the St. Theresa’s Cathedral in Kumbo. While Edwin Boye and Hyacinth will serving in the Diocese of Kumbo, Br. Siver answered the call to join the Capuchin, a member of the custody of St Francis of Assisi in Cameroon .

Drawing inspiration from Matt. 9: 35 – 39, Bishop George called on the ordained to emulate the example of Christ who went around towns and villages proclaiming the word of God.

Quoting different documents, the Bishop went on to remind them of the qualities of a good priest. A good priest, he said, is always a messenger of God, one who allows himself for people to take a chunk from and is open to people. He further called on them to be on guard against the threatening powers of evil. The Bishop said they should be awaken to the word of God.

Just like Jesus did, Bishop George called on the newly ordained to take up the preaching of the Word of God as their primary responsibility. In the context of the pastoral programme of the Diocese of Kumbo for 2008, which focuses on the intensification of catechesis, he lauded the commitment of the new and old priests, who have taken the challenges as first catechists.

Having received the grace of ordination, Edwin, Hyacinth and Siver were further called upon to proclaim the word of God with assurance as priests just as Jesus did. Reminding them that they will be persecuted in the course of carrying out their ministry, the bishop told them to teach the community what Christ wants them to hear and not to tell the people what they want to hear.

Saying yes to the priesthood is a yes forever. This means living faithfully to the priestly call. But the Bishop noted, however, that they will be moments of disappointment and frustration. This shall disrupt the happiness of a priestly life, but it shall not warrant the newly ordained to drop their priestly fidelity, the Bishop advised the newly ordained.