Bishop Nkuo inaugurates Nkambe Youth Centre.

By Wamey Panky Bishopgeorgenkuo

The Bishop of Kumbo, His Lordship George Nkuo, on April 27 inaugurated the Divine Mercy Youth Formation Centre Binshua in the Nkambe Quasi Parish. In his inaugural address the bishop said the Catholic Church focuses more attention on young people because they remain the pillars of tomorrow’s church. He said the centre is a pathfinder to a better future for Binshua youths.

Mgr Nkuo added the centre will protect the youths from some societal ills that could distract and derail them from a responsible future. But that is not the sole purpose of the centre as Bishop Nkuo said, “The centre will also nourish the youths with God’s Word and improve on their faith in order to safeguard their souls from the claws and the snares of the devil.”

Bishop George Nkuo challenged the youths of Quasi Parish and beyond to make extensive and intensive use of the centre. He reminded them that the structure and its content have not been put there for fancy, but for them to exploit properly. He told them that Nkambe Parish is the only parish to boast of a youth formation centre of such magnitude in Kumbo Diocese. He therefore called on them to use and maintain the centre jealously.

The Divine Mercy Youth Formation Centre, worth FCFA 7 million, is a donation of the ICM Sisters, Nkambe Quasi Parish and some foreign donors. The Bishop thanked the ICM Sisters under the leadership of Rev. Sr. Josephine Hillary Jaya for the commendable efforts they have been making to improve on the spiritual, educational, health and even economic life of Nkambe people. He urged the elites of Binshua and its environs to equip the centre, reminding them that is was not only for Catholic youths but for all. Parents were also called upon to keep a close watch over the activities of the centre since youths cannot be allowed to run the centre on their own.

The President of the Binshua Catholic youths, Mirabel Samba, on behalf of all youths thanked the reverend sisters for the centre. She promised that they would make the best use of it. She hinted that the ICM Sisters had started formation activities with them on medicinal plants and tailoring under the supervision of Sisters Aline and Caritas. Corroborating the Youth President, the chairman of the Binshua Mission Station Council, Captain Nforba Ngengeh Patrick, appreciated the development efforts of Rev. Sister Josephine Hilary Jaya in particular and ICM Sisters in general, citing the health and the professional training centres which the sisters have constructed.

Rev. Sister Josephine Hilary Jaya, the project coordinator and her Diocesan Superior, Rev. Sister Rita de Swaef, thanked the Binshua people for their team spirit. They disclosed that the centre will carry out activities such as sewing, craft, computer studies, agriculture and carpentry. She explained the centre will also have a library. The four room structure already has benches, tables, chairs, cupboards, a sewing machine, a computer and some sports equipment.

By Wamey Panky

May 26, 2008