World Woman Day – Kumbo- 8.mar.2007

My dear friends,

Lots of greetings from Kumbo.I am sorry to send this late due to light’s problem in Kumbo. I hope you will bear with meThe Theme of the women’s Day for this year 2007 in Cameroon is “Violence Against Women”. The women came out in their numbers to celebrate this day with lots of activities. The uniform for this year had three colours; green, purple and orange as you will see from the pictures.These three colours signifies the colours of the Cameroon Flag.

The activities for the began with the singing of the Women’s Antem which was followed by ‘Match Pass’. The women matched in groups with plar cards showing the activities of the various groups concern.e.g. The Women Empowerment Institute and Gender Equality educate the women how to fight against poverty and to be self-reliant. The plar cards showed the violence at home between parents and children. The theme for this year fights for the rights of women and that they also have a say in our society, they also have something to contribute to the world.

After the match pass and choral singing, the women went to their various places for total celebration with their husbands, friends and the invited guests. We celebrated ours in the office with PCC team, our husbands and our friends. You can see from the pictures what happened.

I wish you all the best have a nice time as you go throught the message of the Women’s Day for 2007.

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