Sister Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary establishes foundation in Kumbo

Livinus Tal Bam

New_sisters_ A new congregation known as “The Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary” has been established in the Diocese of Kumbo.. The official ceremony to welcome the congregation took place at the St John the Baptist Parish in Oku, during a solemn Eucharistic celebration with the Bishop of Kumbo as main celebrant

Speaking during the occasion to officially welcome and install the Sisters into the diocese, Bishop George Nkuo called the Sisters as a special gift from God to the diocese, which, he said, will go a long way to foster evangelisation in the diocese. While thanking the Christians of St John Parish Elak-Oku for the befitting welcome given to the Sisters, the Bishop cautioned them not to misinterpret the coming of the new Congregation to their parish, while stating that the Congregation has not come there for business or as tourists, but to bring Jesus to the lives of the people there. During their stay in Elak, he continued, the Sisters will share the Good News of God with the people while doing their best to bring Christ closer to them. Bishop Nkuo exhorted the Christians of Elak to take it as their responsibility to work hand-in-glove with the Sisters, to advise and protect them against all possible dangers.

In his sermon His Lordship acknowledged with gratitude the acceptance of the Reverend sisters to come to Oku Elak as the pioneer congregation.It is proof of their dedication in a life of serving God, he said. He again called on the Christians to pray for the congregation so that it should bear witness to the Gospel, putting light wherever it finds darkness. To the Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary, the Bishop exhorted them to live a good life to inspire more children from Elak to answer their call from God. He called on them to do their best to mediate as peace-makers among the people of Elak, while noting that their work as pioneer missionaries will be an uphill task. The Parish Pastoral Council Chairman Mr. Angelbert Mbunda, made a presentation, in which he began by thanking Archbishop Cornelius Fotem Esua for inviting the congregation to the Diocese of Kumbo and especially in Elak Parish, and Mgr George Nkuo for confirming the establishment of their foundation in Elak.

He called on young girls of the diocese to enrol into the congregation and announced that five young ladies from the Diocese of Kumbo are already in the congregation among whom are three postulants and two novices. While also thanking the Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary for establishing their foundation in Elak Parish, the chairman, on behalf of the Christian community, promised their readiness to cooperate with and to help overcome any initial problems the Sisters might encounter.

Ever since the creation of the St. John the Baptist Parish on February 13, 1992, the Sister Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary is the first congregation of Reverend Sisters so far to be established in the parish. For their stay in Elak, the sisters will be taking care of orphans among other works of charity.

March 02, 2007