Dr. Angelika Barth – 2004


Dr Angelika Barth from our partner diocese of Limburg in Gernany is at the moment on an official visit to the diocese of Kumbo.
She arrived in Douala on Friday 5th of March 2004 at about 5.15 p.m. and was received by the Diocesan Partnership Coordinator Rev. Fr Daniel Ache.
Dr. Mrs Angelika is a Gynaecologist by profession. She indicated that it would be useful for her to meet and consult women during her visits to health Centres around the diocese. Talking to her after her first outing to Tabenken parish, she said it was a very interesting trip. It was a surprise to her that over 80 Women came out for consultation. What was more amusing to her was the fact that the women brought all types of complains to her. Some had problems with their legs and others with their head. As a Gynaecologist, she couldn’t have been of help to all the problems the women brought to her. While in Tabenken, she held a meeting with the parish partnership committee. One of the key things discussed at the meeting was how to get the bakery working properly. On Thursday 11th March she visited Djottin parish. While in Djottin, she had the opportunity to visit the Din water project, the health centre, meet the young people, the parish family life desk etc. She has been able to visit the Diocesan Printing and Communication Centre (PCC), Family Life office, Shisong Hospital, Banso Baptist Hospital, Elak Parish, Sabongari, JP2YC and meetings with the Diocesan CARITAS service on Din water and other related projects. While at the PCC, she was able to send and receive emails. This previously was an impossibility for partners who visited a couple of months ago.

Dr. Barth at Café PCC 03/2004

Dr. Barth had not many cultural shocks since she had the experience from visiting Guinea and some other African countries before. She eventually leaves Cameroon on the 29th March by Air France for Paris and later to Frankfurt. We hope she enjoys her stay with us.