Appointments in the Diocese of Kumbo

The Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo has made his first major appointments since he took over the diocese. The priests and lay faithful had anxiously awaited the result of the meeting of the College of Consulters with the bishop, and new appointments and transfers of priests have been published. The decree effecting the transfer is published in its entirety below.

Reverend and dear Fathers, Kindly note the following changes in the placement of priests and other collaborators in the Diocese of Kumbo.

1. Bishop’s Secretariat Office Personnel Effective from Bishop’s Secretary Fr. Peter A. FOLENG

Finance Secretary Fr. Edward N. LUKONG 0
Ass. Finance Secretary Fr. Isidore S. LAFON
Finance Project Desk Fr. Maurice GOLINO

2. Bamenda Office Personnel Effective from Rector, Vianney Centre, Bafut Fr. Anthony YILAKA

Personnel for Diocesan Services Office Personnel Effective from
Catholic Education Secretary Fr. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH
Supervisor of Projects, Construction Department and MTTC Fr. Isidore S. LAFON 01 Aug 2007 Coordinator of Social Welfare Fr. Daniel A. AMUHNGWA 0
Coordinator of Partnerships Coordinator of the Pontifical Missions Society Vocations Director Fr. Christopher SEK
Diocesan Youth Chaplain Fr. Evaristus KIVEN LUKONG
Episcopal Delegate to the Laity Council Fr. Evaristus KIVEN LUKONG
Chaplain of the Health Apostolate Fr. Peter A. FOLENG
Coordinator of Mass Media Fr. Robert I.N. TANTO
St. Jerome’s Biblical & Pastoral Centre Fr. Cyprian F. TATAH Cont’d Catholic Programmes over Radio Nkambe Fr. James K. TANTO

4. Parish Priests/Rectors and Curates Parish/Q-parish Personnel

Ako Parish Fr. Romanus KISI LANSO (Parish Priest) Cont’d Fr. Venantius N. NGONGBIME (Curate)
Binju-Nkambe Parish Fr. Emmanuel N. MBEH (Parish Priest
Fr. James K. TANTO (Curate)
Djottin Parish Fr. Remi Prospero S. FONKA (Parish Priest
Fr. Sylvester N. NSAH (Curate)
Elak Parish Fr. Hermann GUFLER (Parish Priest)
Fr. Evans SHANG (Curate)

Jakiri Parish Fr. Charles A. MBUNTUM (Parish Priest)
Fr. Peter G. KINI (Curate) Cont’d Fr. Gerald J. NYUYKONGMO (Curate)

Kumbo Cathedral Parish Fr. Christopher SEKA (Parish Priest)
Fr. Emmanuel K. BONG (Curate)
Fr. Peter WATSON (Curate)
Fr. Daniel A. AMUHNGWA (Curate)
Fr. Charles ACHA (In Residence)

Mbiame Parish Fr. Anthony MAILIY (Parish Priest)
Fr. Polycarp S. WIRBA (Curate)
Mbve Parish Fr. Joseph B. LUKONG (Parish Priest)
Fr. Edwin F. TATAH (Curate)
Melim Quasi-parish Fr. Edwin B. NJONGAI (Rector)
Fr. Julius BINYUY (Curate)
Meluf Parish Fr. John NDI (Parish Priest)
Fr. Tobias F. NGAH (Curate)

Mfumte Quasi-parish Fr. Eugen NKARDZEDZE (Rector)
Misaje Quasi-parish Fr. Paul VERLA (Rector)
Ndu Parish Fr. Gilbert KAMTA TATSI (Parish Priest)
Fr. Alban Pascal N. TCHANA (Curate)

Ndzevru Quasi-parish Fr. Victor N. YUYAR (Rector)
Ngarum Quasi-parish Fr. Anthony D. TANGWA (Rector)
Ngondzen Quasi-parish Fr. Joseph VERANSO (Rector)
Fr. Julius J. VERSHIYI (Curate)
Nkambe Town Q-parish Fr. Matthias Y. NJONG (Rector)

Nkar Parish Fr. Oliver SHEY NDI (Parish Priest)
Fr. Joe WIRBA (Curate) Cont’d Fr. Lea S. KINGA (Curate)

Nkor Parish Fr. Cornelius SA’FE (Parish Priest)
Fr. Roger NFOR NGALA (Curate) Cont’d Sabongari Parish Fr. Emmanuel F. LON (Parish Priest)
Fr. Omer SEVIDZEM (Curate)
Shisong Parish Fr. Roberto PIROVANO (Parish Priest)
Fr. Peter TAR FONYUY (Curate)
Sop Parish Fr. Vitalis N. TATAH (Parish Priest) J
Fr. Temesgen WOLDU MUSA (Curate)
Tabenken Parish Fr. Patrick N. NCHUWA (Parish Priest) 1
Fr. Denis Martin NJOBAM (Curate)
Tatum Parish Fr. John M. NJINGTI (Parish Priest)

Managers of Catholic Schools Parish/Q-parish Personnel Effective

Ako Fr. Romanus KISI LANSO
Binju-Nkambe Fr. James K. TANTO
Djottin Fr. Sylvester N. NSAH Cont’d Elak Fr. Evans SHANG
Jakiri Fr. Charles A. MBUNTUM
Kumbo Fr. Emmanuel K. BONG
Mbiame Fr. Polycarp S. WIRBA
Mbve Fr. Joseph B. LUKONG
Melim Fr. Julius BINYUY
Meluf Fr. John NDI
Mfumte Fr. Eugen NKARDZEDZE
Misaje Fr. Paul VERLA
Ndu Sacred Heart Fathers
Ndzevru Fr. Victor N. YUYAR
Ngarum Fr. Anthony D. TANGWA
Ngondzen Fr. Julius J. VERSHIYI
Nkambe Town Fr. Matthias Y. NJONG
Nkar Fr. Oliver SHEY NDI
Nkor Fr. Cornelius SA’FE
Sabongari Fr. Omer SEVIDZEM
Shisong Fr. Peter TAR FONYUY
Sop Fr. Vitalis N. TATAH
Tabenken Fr. Denis Martin NJOBAM
Tatum Fr. John M. NJINGTI
Tobin Fr. Robert I.N. TANTO

6. College Personnel College Personnel Effective

St. Augustine’s College, Nso Fr. Roland BERNGEH (Principal)
Fr. Polycarp W. YUKENG (Chaplain/Teacher)

St. Aloysius’ Minor Seminary,
Kitiwum Fr. Athanasius S. WIRSIY (Rector)
Fr. Marcel GHAM (Spiritual Director/Teacher)

St. Rita’s College, Nkambe Fr. Anthony D. LAWIR (Principal)
Fr. Matthias Y. NJONG (Chaplain)

St. Sylvester’s College, Sop Fr. Gordian B. BABA (Principal)
Fr. Justin SEFEMBIY (Chaplain/Teacher)

St. Peter’s College, Kumbo Fr. Aloysius AKI (Principal)
Fr. Francis N. NDEY (Teacher & Chaplain)

St. John Bosco’s College,
Ngarum Fr. Joseph Clifford NDI (Principal)
Fr. Edwin N. KEWAI (Bursar/Chaplain/ Teacher)

St. Pius X Colleges, Tatum Br. Francis VERYE, FMS (Principal)
Fr. John M. NJINGTI (Chaplain)

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception College
, Kumbo Sr. Grace NGU, SST (Principal)
Fr. Isidore S. LAFON (Chaplain) .

Chaplains of Apostolic/Prayer Groups Group Personnel
Catholic Women’s Association Fr. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH
Catholic Men’s Association Fr. Edwin B. NJONGAI
Diocesan Choirs’ Association Fr. Marcel GHAM
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Fr. Charles A. MBUNTUM
Pilgrims’ Association Fr. Julius BINYUY 0
St. Jude’s Society Fr. Polycarp W. YUKENG
Legion of Mary Fr. Paul VERLA
World Apostolate of Fatima Cadets of Mary/Bongkishe’ ri Fr. Evans SHANG
Armed Forces Fr. Isidore S. LAFON
Shisong Hospital Staff Fr. Peter WATSON
Nursing School, Shisong Catechists Fr. Peter WATSON
Family Life Apostolate Fr. Joseph VERANSO Cont’d Holy Family Movement Fr. Julius J. VERSHIYI
Sacred Heart Association Fr. Alban Pascal N. TCHANA

I wish to sincerely thank you all for the services you rendered to the People of God in the parishes and institutions. It is extremely important that each person moving should prepare comprehensive handing over notes following our Diocesan Format. Kindly take note of the effective dates of your appointments. Once more thank you so much for the effort you made to build up our Church and may Almighty God bless you abundantly in your new ministry. Given at Bishop’s House, Kumbo, Tuesday, the 12th day of June 2007. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH, SD + George NKUO Chancellor Bishop of Kumbo