Greetings from Kumbo – Bishop George Nkuo

Greetings from Kumbo.
Just to inform you that I had a very safe journey back to Kumbo. As soon as I landed at Douala airport the heat melted all the cold on my throat and my voice is alright again.

I wish through this media to sincerely thank all our friends and partners in Limburg for the wonderful welcome they accorded Archbishop Cornelius Esua and myself during our visit to the Diocese of Limburg. It was a very new experience for me and I deeply appreciated the kindness and warmth whcih I trully enjoyed. The wheather was cold to me but the people of Limburg were very warm.
I do not intend to call any names because I will make mistakes but I wish to greet all the people of Kronberg, Oberrad,Niederahr/Meudt,( Fr, Stefan Muller), Stromberg, Eschhofen,(Mr.Low George and the youth) and last but not the least Unterliederbach (all those Mr Juan will greet for me.) I cannot forget the many encounters we had with the different groups in the parishes that are in partnership with Kumbo.

I will bring your love and regards to your partner parishes in Kumbo. Ephriam and Makelia are waiting for our Limburg guests for the wedding.

My visit was most successful thanks to Bishop Kamphaus and the able collabortion of Mr. Winfried Montz and Chriastian Maier.I can never thank them enough.Accept greetings from all at the Bishops Hill. They welcomed me joyfully and could see all the places I visisted in the pictures.

My prayer is that the beautful gift of friendship which God has given us will conmtinue to grow and that our faith will be trully enriched.

Best Christmas wishes from Kumbo.