23. September: Faires Frühstück / Brunch in St. Johannes

Hallo Welt, hallo Freunde,

herzliche Einladung zum fairen Frühstück / Brunch
  • am Samstag, 23. September 2006,
  • von 10.00 bis 14.00 Uhr
  • vor der Kirche St. Johannes Ap.,
  • Königsteiner Str. 96.

Es gibt natürlich Kaffee und Tee, aber auch
Orangensaft. Dazu Brötchen, Marmelade, Nuß-Nougat-Creme,
Erdnußbutter, Brot, Käse und, und, und....

Natürlich gibt es Informationen zum fairen Handel und
zum neuen Djottin-HIV-Fonds.

Wer also etwas Zeit hat ist gerne eingeladen zum Small Talk auf dem Kirchenvorplatz.
Schönes Wetter ist bestellt.

Beste Grüße

Stefan Hecktor

St. Johannes Ap.

Kumbo?s joy is total! Mgr Nkuo leads the flock

Kumbo?s joy is total! Mgr Nkuo leads the flock

Br. Singfred Sinior

Bishopofkumboblesseschr_1It was a most spectacular sight, Friday September 8, 2006, Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as the grounds of St. Augustine College Nso (SAC) glittered with highly placed dignitaries, both religious and secular, from far and near, to witness the Episcopal ordination of Mgr. George Nkuo as second residential Bishop of Kumbo. Practically every indigene of Bui and Donga Mantung, the two divisions in whose territories the diocese of Kumbo is found joined their Catholic kinsmen and faithful to accord a rousing witness to the historic event.

Here were the rich, the poor, the powerful and the famous whose voices resonated with anxiety and joy as they greeted friends and acquaintances, gathering for an extraordinary event Notable among Church dignitaries were, His Eminence, Christian cardinal Tumi, the Principal Consecrator, Archbishops Cornelius Fontem Esua of Bamenda and Victor Tonye Bakot of Yaounde; as co-consecrators.
The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI was represented by the Secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, His Grace Antonio Eliseo Ariotti, who was unavoidably absent. A total of 17 Bishops were present while Bishops who could not come either sent representatives or messages of solidarity.
A large pool of priests and religious were in attendance. Pastors and Imams from also featured among the guest list. Top among a array of political heavyweights were, His Excellency Yang Philemon, personal representative of the President of the Republic, Governor Kumpa Isa of the North West Province and his colleague, Fai Yengho Francis of the Centre Province.
All the SDOs and DOs with members of Parliament from Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions also graced the occasion. The Mayor of Kumbo, Njong Fonyuy Donatus and the Mayor of Buea, Mbella Moki Charles with other mayors took part.
The Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi was seated among former ministers such as Nsahlai, Henry Kibuh, Francis Nkwain etc. The Fon of Nso, HRH Nsehm Binglo I and his Kom counterpart, Fon Yuh Vincent, together with other fons and chiefs were there to showcase their ties with the Catholic Church.
In fact, it was a broad spectrum roll call in Kumbo, noted a visitor. At 9.00am the setting at the ceremonial ground, the same spot where Mgr. Cornelius Fontem Esua, the founding Bishop of Kumbo was ordained more than 23 years ago, was indeed very impressive.
Even nature itself seemed to be smiling at its approval as brilliant sunshine against a backdrop of a crystal-clear sky characterised the weather despite the heavy rains that were literally drowning the other towns in the province.
It should be noted that for the previous days, it has been raining heavily in Kumbo. There was an atmosphere of joy and expectancy in the hushed silence of the gathering in church as they waited anxiously for the historic moment to begin. A large number of people were dressed in the “ashoabi” that was specially designed for the event.
The Kumbo diocesan choir, well rehearsed for the occasion began dishing from their bag of tunes a repertoire of beautiful melodies, composed mainly for the event. The prelates and the concelebrating priests together with the Bishop-elect were led to the Altar in a dancing procession by a group of Franciscan Sisters. People stooped their heads higher than normal to catch a glimpse of Mgr. Nkuo as he appeared in the procession putting on a skull cap.
His arrival at the ceremonial ground sparked deafening applause from the crowd of more than 35,000 people. He was flanked by Fr. Andrew Nkea and Roland Berngeh, chancellor of Buea Diocese and Vicar General of Kumbo respectively.
The Consecration Mass also functioned as a glittering showcase of the Franciscan Sisters’ dancing prowess in Liturgical Chorography as they thrilled the faithful all along. The lectionary procession was in accord with the Oku tradition and songs. After the Proclamation of the Gospel, Fr. Andrew Nkea presented the Bishop-elect to the consecrating prelate that the former be ordained Bishop. The Bull of his election was read in Latin and English.
Christian Cardinal Tumi, in a soul-searching sermon, held the congregation in rapt attention for more close to an hour, and very even noticed the passage of the time. An examination and responses in the form of promises of the Bishop-elect immediately followed the homily. The Bishop-elect then prostrated himself while the Litany of Saints was sung.
The Laying on of Hands by the consecrating Bishop and the other Bishops, the Anointing of his head and the Presentation of the Book of the Gospels followed. The Investiture with the Ring, the Mitre or the Pastoral staff was another high point of the ordination rites. The Ring symbolises the Bishop’s fidelity to and nuptial bond with the Church, his spouse.
The Mitre stands for the bishop’s resolve to pursue holiness. It is put on when a bishop is seated; when he gives homily; when he greets the people, when he addresses them or gives the invitation to prayer, when he gives a solemn blessing to the people; when he confers a sacrament; when he is walking in procession.
The pastoral staff or Crosier symbolises the Bishop’s role as Shepherd of the Lord’s flock entrusted to him. The Bishop carries a pastoral staff in his own diocese as a sign of his Pastoral Responsibility. He may use it in another diocese when he celebrates with the consent of the local ordinary.
After the kiss of peace, Bishop Nkuo, now swathed from head to toe in the regalia of his new office, was led through the aisles of the ceremonial ground to greet the anxious congregation for the first time as Bishop. A gold pectoral cross dangled from his neck and sparkled in the light that showered from the brilliant sunshine as he edged slowly through the crowd amidst shouts of joy.
He could be seen fumbling with the Crosier between his two hands as he tried to bless the people on both sides of him. On observing this, an old man whispered to himself; ?Don?t worry My Lord, you?ll get used to it with time.? Holy Mass continued with Bishop Nkuo presiding from the Liturgy of the Eucharist after his Episcopal Ordination.
At the end of the Mass the ordination attestation was read by Rev. Fr. Zephrynus Mbuh chancellor of Kumbo Diocese and signed by all the Bishops and the Chancellor. The Attestation is a document to show that the elected Bishop was ordained in accordance with the Church’s tradition and Rite of Episcopal ordination.
Speeches were presented beginning with the representative of the president of the Kumbo Diocesan Laity Council. Mr Ernest Yubin eulogized the pioneer Bishop of Kumbo, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua, enumerating his achievements for the more than 23 years he has been the Shepherd of the People of God in the Church that is in Kumbo. He also extended profound and affectionate regards to the Bishop of Buea, who was absent for health reasons, for offering them another Bishop.
Mr. Yubin expressed the unalloyed welcome of the people of Bui and Donga-Mantung Divisions, Christians and non-Christians alike to the new bishop. The president of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, His Grace Vitor Tonye Bakot welcomed Bishop Nkuo into the Episcopal College and promised him the collegiality of all the Bishops of Cameroon.
Archbishop Esua introduced a delegation from the Diocese of Limburg in Germany, which has been in partnership with the Diocese of Kumbo for 18 years. Among them was a blind priest who is a parish priest of one of the parishes in Limburg. He told the congregation that it is thanks to the partnership with this diocese that Kumbo has realised most of her projects.
To Bishop Nkuo, Mgr Esua said the flock of Kumbo, which he is handing over to him, is very hardworking and God-fearing and stressed that sometimes this flock can be very demanding. He praised Fr. Peter Watson, a Mill Hill Missionary serving in Kumbo, who was his vicar in Kumbo and as delegate of the Apostolic Administrator.
In response to the speeches, Bishop Nkuo greeted the congregation in the word of his coat of arms, “God is love” which is also the caption of the Pope Benedict XVI’s First Encyclical. He thanked all those present for the sacrifice they made to be there, both in their valuable time and resources, to ensure the success of the event, and finished by pledging his collaboration with all including Muslims and Christians from other denominations.

September 16, 2006 at 01:44 AM


Kumbo, now that we have a new Bishop, let?s get to work

Kumbo, now that we have a new Bishop, let?s get to work

Ireneaus Chia Chongwain

Bishopnkuoamidstamammot_1The new Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo, was Friday September 8 consecrated during a High Mass that was said in Kumbo, precisely on the campus of the St Augustine’s College by His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi. The consecration marked the end of festivities that followed the appointment last July 8, 2006 of Mgr. George Nkuo as the Bishop of Kumbo by Pope Benedict XVI. After the consecration, it is now time for the new Bishop to settle down to tackle the daunting task that awaits him. But what exactly are some of the challenges the new Bishop will be called upon to address?

Daunting may be too hard a word to use because the task ahead of each and every one of us is not always as great as the power behind us.
And talking about power, we are sure the new Bishop is endowed with it, as this has been seen in the manner in which he has served the Church in various portfolios over the years. Besides, the will of God never takes one where the Grace of God will not protect him or her.
The first task that awaits the new bishop, as expressed by some Catholic faithful in Yaounde, will be to maintain the high moral and administrative standards that were set by the former Bishop of Kumbo, His Grace Cornelius Esua. It is not always easy to step into the shoes of competent predecessors because people almost always have the tendency to measure using the yardsticks left behind by predecessors.
For close to a century, the lives of the people of Kumbo have been shaped and continue to be shaped variously by the Catholic Dogma. Bishop Nkuo will have the responsibility to maintain a healthy balance between the traditional Catholic doctrine and local realities, belief systems and exigencies, while remaining faithful to the main doctrinal tenets of the Catholic Church. Creating this balance is not always easy as perceptions are sometimes so disparagingly wide that finding common ground is not always evident.
Overcoming this hurdle will require charisma and tact, and even more in terms of interpersonal skills and religious diplomacy. The population of Kumbo is predominantly Catholic, but this enviable position is being threatened by an “aggressive” invasion from the new, or what others have chosen to describe euphemistically as the “Pentecostal” churches.
While this “invasion” may not be limited to Kumbo, as the presence of these churches have equally been signalled in every nook and cranny of the country, there is the pressing need to reinforce the Catholic belief system everywhere, especially so as recent reports indicate that Catholics are providing single, largest, fertile nurseries from which these churches are transplanting their seedlings.
While safeguarding the Catholic doctrine in Kumbo, Bishop Nkuo will have to explore ways of fostering interfaith dialogue especially in Kumbo where the Moslem religion is equally indisputably forging strong.
Religious rivalry has resulted in unhealthy religious practices and disloyal competition as different religious denominations address doctrinal issues in a manner that stultify the views held by other religions, sowing confusion more than anything else, in the minds of their different followers.
Cultivating a consistent and clear Catholic vision with regards to contemporary issues and problems may help indicate the right path for Christians groping about in the haze and confusion of the present day religious public space. There are reports of dwindling Christianity worldwide especially amongst the youth on whom the future of the church depends.
These youths, who constituted a privilege segment for Pope John Paul II, are turning to a new kind of religion- the religion of materialism. Getting the Kumbo Catholic youth involved and interested in Church affairs, is just one area that the new bishop cannot afford to ignore. The Kumbo Diocese has produced the highest number the Catholic priests, sisters and brothers in the whole of the Northwest Province.
The challenge remains not only ensuring that this tradition is maintained, but that those who have the vocation be given the chance to meet their lives’ dreams. Festivities are over; the time for work has come.
As Christian Cardinal Tumi said last week in Kumbo during the consecration mass, Bishop Nkuo was neither chosen because he was the most religious, nor the most qualified amongst the rest of his fellow brethren, but simply because it was God’s will.
And God does not necessary call only the most qualified, but qualifies those called and endows them with the vision to forge ahead; consequently there is no task too daunting for the chosen to surmount.

September 16, 2006 at 01:31 AM


Kumbo signs bond with the Blessed Virgin Mary

Kumbo signs bond with the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sylvanus S. Binla

When one meditates and contemplates the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one discovers that at least twenty of the forty six qualities of Holy Mary that it contains, portray her as the Mother of Christ the Saviour of the universe-from conception through birth to his upbringing.

It is from this angel that, one believes that the Diocese of Kumbo has signed a bond with the Blessed Virgin Mary in her capacity as the Mother of Christ – the Redeemer.
This is so, from the fact that two very important events in the history of the Diocese of Kumbo have taken place either on the feast of the commemoration of the feast of the Immaculate Conception or on that of the Birth of Christ – Feast of the Nativity.
The 8th of the months of September and December have come to mark how Mary as the Seat of Wisdom has been given to the Diocese of Kumbo first by Pope John Paul II(of blessed memory) when he elected Mgr. Cornelius Esua as pioneer Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo and chose December 8, 1982 as the day for his consecration (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception), and then by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who in his first appointment in Cameroon elected Mgr. George Nkuo on July 8, 2006 as the second residential Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo and scheduled his consecration for September 8, 2006 (the Feast of the Nativity).
The question that comes to mind is whether it is a mere coincidence or divine providence that the 8th day of the above mentioned months(September and December) has been chosen by two different Popes for the consecration of the bishops of the Diocese of Kumbo?
As if it is not enough, the two dates are connected to the conception and birth of Christ by the Blessed Virgin Mary; two very important feasts in the life of the Church. Does it mean that the Church through the various Popes want to use the Diocese of Kumbo to remind us that the conception and birth of Christ is the conception and birth of the Christianity?
Is it because Christians in the Diocese of Kumbo have unconditionally accepted the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Christ? Or is it because the two successors of Saint Peter, the Rock on which Christ built his Church have seen the Diocese of Kumbo to be the bosom of Christianity in Cameroon?
However, when one looks into the Christian life of Mgr. Georges Nkuo, one discovers that the Blessed Virgin Mary, as the Mother of Christ, had long been with him. Some forty years back on December 8, he received the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time in his home village – Njinikom and on September 8, 2006 he has joined his brothers of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon with his consecration as the Second Residential Bishop – the Shepherd of souls of the Diocese of Kumbo. One finds him in communion with the pioneer bishop of the diocese – His Grace Cornelius Esua Archbishop of Bamenda, and whenever the Diocese of Kumbo will be celebrating its feast day – the Immaculate Conception on December 8th every year together with the anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Archbishop Cornelius Esua.
Hence a vivid sign that the Diocese of Kumbo has signed a bond with the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Christ the Saviour with regards to these important dates of the 8th of September and December of each year.

September 16, 2006 at 01:24 AM


News aus Kumbo

The heat of preparations for the episcopal ordination of Bishop George is all over now. The Steering Committee will be meeting again on Saturday 16 September to take stock of the events. People gave generously for the occasion. The Lamido of Wat in Tabenken parish donated a cow; the Fon of Nso donated a cow, etc. So many people, Christians and non Christians alike, contributed for the occasion.

The ordination cloth is still selling. Those who bought the cloth sewed it in all kinds of styles. At the ordination grounds the cloth dominated all other attires. It will remain a souvenir for the people, and will be highly prized when Bishop George makes his maiden visit to the parishes.

Christian Maier, the new coordinator for the Limburg wing of the partnership between Kumbo and Limburg is still around and will be going back to Germany at the weekend. He became Limburg Diocesan Coordinator of Partnership on 15 August 2006. He actually visited partner parishes and institutions in Kumbo before going to meet their counterparts in Germany next Monday 18 September.
Daniela and Venessa, who will be staying on for one year to work respectively in the Family Life Office and on the Diocesan Youth Team, accompanied Christian to Djottin and Binju-Nkambe. We were happy to host them for the night. We have asked Christian to kindly bring our love to our brothers and sisters in Kloster Arnstein, Winden and Nassau.

Robert Tanto

Photos: Courtesy of Robert Tanto, Binju-Nkambe parish / Kumbo.


Taken from The Post (Buea)
September 12, 2006Posted to the web September 12, 2006
By Charly Ndi Chia, Chris Mbunwe & Willibroad Nformi

The news of the elevation to Bishopric office of Rev. George Nkuo was broken on Saturday, July 8, 2006. Three days later, on Tuesday, July 11, the Bishop-elect paid a contact visit to the Kumbo Diocese.
Then, the “informal crowd” that got wind of the news that their new Sheppard was “sneaking” into town, lined the streets and welcomed him to where he would soon take up jurisdictional charge.
Friday, September 8, 2006, was apparently Rev. Father George’s greatest day of glory so far. Bishops and Archbishops from all the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Cameroon, over 200 Priests, Catholic Christians and other well wishers headed for Kumbo, to be witnesses to the Episcopal Ordination proper.
They numbered several tens of thousands. The ordination rite was systematic, deliberate and generally solemn. There was, for example, the presentation of the Bishop-elect, after which he made promises; two Deacons, whose angelic voices and total articulation and synchrony created graveyard silence while it lasted, sang the Litany of Supplication in Latin.
Then followed the laying on of hands, anointing the head of the one being ordained and presenting him with the book of gospels. The rite of ordination was formally done, after the Bishop-elect was invested with Ring, Mitre and Pastoral Staff, through to the seating of the Bishop and the Kiss of Peace.
Christian Cardinal Wiyghan Tumi as the Principal Ordaining Bishop, conducted the exercise, assisted by the Archbishops of Bamenda, and Yaounde respectively.
His Eminence, Cardinal Tumi’s homily, sounded much like the challenges of Bishopric office and how the new Bishop was to best live with and handle such challenges.
It was vintage Cardinal Tumi, thundering, admonishing the newly consecrated Bishop to be courageous, else he would be a disaster to his Christians and the Church. Hear him:
“As a Bishop, be not afraid of anybody when you proclaim the truth, for the truth shall set you free. Remember, lack of courage in a Bishop is the beginning of disaster. The greatest weakness in an Apostle is fear.
“What gives rise to fear is lack of confidence in the power of God. Silence in the presence of enemies encourages them. Don’t even be afraid of those who will kill you. If you are afraid as a Bishop, then you are weak. Preach the truth and only the truth. Here, there is no room for compromise, or for an opportunistic recourse to human diplomacy.
“We have to bear witness to the truth even at the cause of persecution, even to the shedding of our blood as Christ did Himself, to save the world. George, be a courageous man of faith. Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body, but cannot kill the soul.”
The Cardinal told Bishop Nkuo to devote most of his time and attention to the formation of quality Priests, especially on their spiritual lives, adding for effect, that he should be very careful not to lay hands too readily on anyone as a Priest.
He equally appealed to the Priests to be disciplined and to collaborate with the new Bishop. The Cardinal said for the sake of the Church, Bishop Nkuo should love his Priests, listen to them, as well as the laity and other religious.” No Priests, no Church”, he warned.

How to Fight Stress

Hinting further that the challenges ahead of the new Bishop would be enormous, the Principal Ordaining Bishop admonished Monsignor Nkuo to use the special gift God has given him, which he said was that of smiling, even during difficult moments.
Comparing the new Bishop to his predecessor, Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Tumi was categorical. “Fontem is a specialist in the scriptures, and you are a specialist in education; a seasoned educationist.
His ways are not your ways. You will never be a founding Bishop like Cornelius, but you will be a builder like him. Be who you are, accept what you are. You are God’s gift to yourself. So thank God for what you are”. He added:”Dear George, love your Priests and share the pastoral concerns of each and everyone of them.
Back to the special gift of smiling, Tumi noted:”George, you have the gift of smiling in difficulties. You always have a smiling face even when you are angry. Some say your greatest weakness is that it will take you a lifetime to learn how to be seriously annoyed with someone who has seriously annoyed you.
That is a gift; make the best of it in your relationship with your Priests and religious to whom they should have the opportunity to confide in you”. He was reminded that he was not made Bishop because he is holier than any other Priest.
While noting that to be a Bishop is a mystery, Cardinal Tumi said it took the Church quite some time to arrive at the decision of making the choice that fell on Nkuo. “We are not Bishops because we are holier than others, but for reasons best known to God alone”. To be a successor of the Apostle is a mystery and great honour”, he said.

No Tribalism

Qualifying the appointment as a great honour from the Holy See to George and the entire Kom people from where he hails, Tumi said Bishop Nkuo’s maiden visit to Kumbo after that appointment in July, could be likened to Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
Lying prostrate during the litany of Supplication
In order to promote pastoral care of the Christians and lay faithful, Bishop Nkuo was told to fling the doors of the Bishop’s house in Kumbo wide open to all. “Let everyone have direct access to the Bishop’s house. He is a father to all, including those who are not Catholic Christians.”

New Bishop’s Tribute
Bishop Nkuo paid tribute to Pope Benedict XVI, who appointed him. To his collaborators, Bishops, Priests, Reverend Sisters and all who witnessed and supported the ordination, he said he could only offer love. He promised to work hard to consolidate what his predecessor, His Grace, Cornelius Fontem Esua started, especially the implementation of the Pastoral Plan.
Moved by the thousands that made it to Kumbo for the event, Bishop Nkuo said he believes that it takes a whole nation to raise a Bishop. He said he was particularly happy because Cardinal Tumi, who taught him in the first form in Bishop Rogan College, performed the consecration rites.
He was appreciative to Bishop Esua, for entrusting to his care a flourishing and vibrant Church.”This is a formidable and special legacy Archbishop Esua has left for me”, he said. He promised that together with the Diocesan Christians, he would build and transform the Church in Kumbo.
“I will collaborate with the Muslims and other churches and everyone who has good ideas. For you, I am a Bishop, with you, I am a Christian”.Bishop Nkuo said he had special regards to youths and teachers, being those he has spent more than 25 years working with as a Priest.
The founding Bishop of Kumbo, His Grace Esua said during his 24 years as Pastor of Diocese, he discovered dignity, diligence and high spiritual growth in the Christians of the area. “The flock of Kumbo is God-fearing and hardworking.
You can count on their support, though they can be so demanding at times. Which ties with the saying that what can be so sweet in the mouth, can equally be very bitter in the stomach”. He apologized for any of his shortcomings.

Bishop Esua then introduced a six-man delegation from the Diocese of Limberg in Germany that has contributed immensely to the growth of Kumbo Diocese. “As I leave Kumbo for Bamenda, I leave behind my heart with you”, he promised.

Cheque From Kom Fon

One of the highlights of the occasion was the presentation of a cheque of FCFA 5 million by HRH Fon Vincent Yuh I, Paramount Ruler of Kom in Boyo Division. In a terse message that was translated by Professor Paul Nchoji Nkwi, the Fon hailed the Pope for making him (Fon) proud.
“This is an initial support to Bishop Nkuo, a modest gift of FCFA 5 million from the Kom people.”We have offered Nkuo to the Church as Abraham offered his son without looking back”.
It was bright, favourable weather in Kumbo throughout the event that effectively lasted some five hours. The skies only started weeping, rather heavily, about an hour after the last of the souvenir photographs with the new Kumbo Bishop had been taken.

Photos: Courtesy of Livinus Bam, PCC Kumbo.

refer to : http://binju-nkambe.blogspot.com

George Nkuo – Bishop of Kumbo – A word of gratitude

A word of gratitude on the occasion of my Episcopal Ordination on Friday 8th September 2006, Feast of the Nativity of our Lady

+George Nkuo
Bishop of Kumbo

His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi,
His Excellency the Personal Representative of the Head of State of the Republic of Cameroon,
His Excellency Most Rev. Elisio Antonio Ariotti, Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.
His Excellencies the Archbishops and Bishops of Cameroon, Honourable members of government,
Distinguished civil and traditional leaders,
Reverend Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,
Leaders of our Sister Churches and Ecclesiastical Communities here present,
My dear brothers and sister in Christ,

God is love (1 Jn. 4: 16) God is alive. With these words I greet with great joy and gratitude all of you gathered here from all corners of our nation and beyond to celebrate with us.

I salute all my brother Bishops and sincerely thank them for coming to welcome me to the Episcopal family of Cameroon. I greet my brother priests you men and women religious church workers and catechists. I greet you members of the lay faithful all immersed in the great task of building the kingdom of God in every area of life. I salute in a very special way the family of Catholic Education, especially all the Catholic education secretaries coming from all over Cameroon.
They have been for many years my very close companions in championing the course of education in Cameroon. With great affection I greet the personal representative of the Head of State and all the civil and traditional personalities of our nation here present.
With respect and deference, I wish to express acknowledgement to the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, represented here by the Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic. I greet all the administrative, traditional, military and judicial authorities as well as all you who have come from far and near, even from out of Cameroon.
Your presence speaks volumes. I am sincerely grateful for your massive presence and for the assistance that your services contributed in the success of this event.
At a recent Episcopal Ordination of an Irish Bishop in Enniscorsthy, the new Bishop quoted an African proverb which says “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” In a sense he was saying that it takes a whole nation to raise a Bishop.
So today it is not just about me alone but about the Church in Cameroon. It is about all of us, it is about that which binds us together in our common faith in God. Today is about the Diocese of Kumbo, today is about the Diocese of Buea where I have served as a priest for 25 years. Today is about the Kom people where I was born and introduced into the Catholic Faith. Today is about the Church in the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province where I belong.
A vocation does not come flat packed. It grows out of a context of faith and worship. Today is about the Shisong Convent from where I walked out with my zinc box on my head on the 4th of September 1967 to Bishop Rogan College. Little did I know that providence would bring me back to where I started off the journey to the priesthood to become today the Shepard of the Church that is in Kumbo. Today I invite you to join me to thank God for the marvel?s he has done for us.
I wish to sincerely thank the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI through his personal representative, His Excellency most Reverend Elisio Antonio Ariotti, Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, for choosing me unworthy as I am, to become the second Local Ordinary of this Diocese of Kumbo.
Today is about the founding Father of this diocese, His Grace Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, with great vision, insight and energy with which he gave his heart to Kumbo Diocese and has built up a flourishing and vibrant church he has worked so indefatigably to put in place formidable structures to help carry out in a modern way the work of evangelisation in Kumbo. He has left me with a very special legacy for which we thank him.
I, too, that I start in this service that is proper to the successor of the apostles I wish to with force affirm my commitment to follow in his footsteps. The greatest compliment we can pay him is to continue his work of building and transforming the hearts of the people of God in this diocese.
Today is about the people of this diocese all of them from the banks of the river Bui to the River beds of the Donga-Mantung. It is about our journey in the faith, where we have come from and where we will go in the future. Today is about the priests of this diocese, most of them young and determined, who together with me will be at the frontline of the great challenges of the new evangelisation, in this third millennium.
Today is about the religious the generous hearted consecrated men and women who have who have made huge contributions to the diocese and who are still quietly bearing witness to Jesus through their various charisms Today on this birthday of our lady, principal patroness of the diocese of Kumbo, I wish to remember in a special way all the women of the catholic women association in Cameroon.
For many years I have journeyed with them as their chaplain. They too are part of my Catholic heritage and I thank God for them too. Through Mary, to Jesus!
Truly today is a great day for the young people of this Church in Kumbo who have received great care and attention. You are the Church of the future I know what young people can do as I have worked with them in the diocese of Buea in the last twenty five years as a priest. You are the greatest asset and treasure that we have.
I have great belief and confidence that in handing over the baton of faith to you, that it will be in good hands. I invite you to join me to use your natural exuberance, energy, and enthusiasm to enliven our church your faith is a gift like pure gold and will enrich your life with a sense of purpose and direction. My hope and prayer is that it will lead you to a deep and life giving relationship with God.
Today is about people who for what ever reason have continued to work with us here in Kumbo we remember all our missionaries, our many benefactors, especially the diocese of Limburg in Germany which is very powerfully represented here today on this great feast. Through their generosity and kindness they challenge us to be more credible witnesses of the Gospel and they too are part of this great church, which is family.
Today truly is the spirit of the ?Ecclesia in Africa?, the church as Gods family is very concretely celebrating our gift of faith. Here we render thanks to God for the family apostolate in the diocese of Kumbo, which has truly come of age. We thank all those who devote so much to build the church as family.
All these people are part of what we celebrate today, part of our journey and part of our story- our past our present and our future, – Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and for ever. Today on the ecumenical platform, it is about all Christians of our sister churches, the Presbyterians the Baptist, and the other ecclesia communities present in the diocese of Kumbo.
Together we will continue the project of translating the word of God as well as other meaning ventures of spreading the Good news of Jesus Christ. It is about believers in the one God, our Muslim brothers with whom we shall collaborate to foster the good of all the people of the Kumbo diocese irrespective of their faith.
Today, I have only one ambition, to work with you dear Gods people of Kumbo, to journey with you the priests and religious of this diocese in your joys and in your sorrows. Sometimes I may be able to help you; some time I may need you to help me because as St Augustine says ?for you I am a Bishop and with you I am a Christian.?
These are the sentiments that inspire us, dear brothers and sisters here present at St Augustine?s college this city. I greet you and thank all of you from my heart.
Once more on this birthday of Mary our mother I ask God to bless and protect each and all of you who have sacrificed so much to make today such a beautiful feast.
May Mary guide you and lead you all back home safely God bless and love you all.

September 12, 2006 at 06:15 AM

Bishop of Kumbo – Coat of Arms and Motto

Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo explains Coat of Arms and Motto

Motto: Deus Caritas Eest (1 Jn. 4: 16)
Coat of Arms: The Heart, The Cross and Ave Maria

Meaning of the Motto: Coatarms
It has a dual significance. First the good news about the love of God is at the heart of the Gospel. The real content of Jesus? message of the Kingdom consists in God?s love. God loves every human being with unconditionally. The love of God underlies the whole teaching of the Old and New Testaments. It tells us that God will always be there, that we can count on his presence at all times. All that counts is love, only love can redeem the world, a love that not all of man?s weakness, sinfulness and stubbornness can destroy. His love never wavers, never ceases. God will never give us up. The constancy of his love depends on what He is and not on what we are or on how we behave.

God?s love transforms us; it engenders hope in our life. God?s love conquers all fear and evil. God?s love makes impossible things possible. I want God?s love to be the main drive of our mission of evangelisation in Kumbo.
Secondly, ?Deus Caritas Est”, is significant as the very First Encyclical Letter of the Pope Benedict XVI. Being the first Bishop appointed by him in Cameroon, I wish to associate and unite the entire pastoral ministry with the blessings, guidance and solicitude of the Holy Father.
All my pastoral engagements will be inspired by the love of God and with total allegiance to the successor of Peter.

Symbol of the Coat of Arms
The heart is the traditional symbol of love. It is the pierced heart of Jesus and stands out to show how much God loves us.

True love is incomplete without the cross. Love conquers all because Jesus, out of love, died on the cross to redeem us. To truly love we must die on our own daily crosses so that new life may be born in each human heart.

Ave Maria:
Love was born into the world through Mary. She remains our model of what it truly means to be loved and to love. My ministry of the love of God will be entrusted to her maternal care and protection.

September 12, 2006 at 05:48 AM

Images of the Consecration of Mgr George Nkuo as Bishop of Kumbo

Images of the Consecration of Mgr George Nkuo as Bishop of Kumbo:

On Friday, September 8, the Consecration Ground at St Augustine College, Nso, was spilling over with Christians and non-Christians alike, who had come from all over the country to witness the Episcopal Ordination of Mgr George Nkuo, as Bishop of Kumbo. Here are some images from the memorable event. We shall be bringing you more images, and a special report shall be available on Wednesday, September 13.