Minutes of Kumbo Diocesan Partnership meeting

Von: John Paul
Gesendet: Dienstag, 23. Mai 2006 16:20
An: Montz, Winfried
Betreff: Minutes of Kumbo Diocesan Partnership meeting

Dear Mr. Montz,

Greetings from Kumbo, Cameroon. Hope you are all very well and doing fine. It is getting into the second week today, our internet services have not been operational. I am using a public facility to send this mail and the other one you may have received as copy of the one to Barbara on the two volunteers. I cannot remember if I ever communicated the minutes of our last partnership meeting to you. That is why I am sending them again. If I did already, then please just bear with me for sending them again. We are already at the roofing level of the chaplaincy project. We had quite some delays because there was a shortage of zinc in the market.

Greetings to all.
Sincerely yours,
Fr. Daniel



The meeting started at a quarter to 10 a.m. with opening prayers led by Ms Tohtin Eucharia. The coordinator welcomed all hoping we realize our objective for this year. He welcomed Ako especially for being part of the meeting in spite of their distance. He said Kong Bernard had phoned to say that he could not be at the meeting because only two of them were in the office so Eucharia sat in to take the minutes. He also said the Family Life Team was in Ako and had hoped they would prepare one of their leader couples to attend the meeting.

The agenda below was introduced, corrected and adopted.

1. Opening Prayer
2. Word of Welcome
3. Self-Introduction and Roll Call
4. Business of the Day

Ø Reports from parishes and institutions

Ø Deliberations

Ø News

Ø Other Matters

5. Closing remarks
6. Lunch/Departure

Reading of minutes of the last meeting and the minutes of the Limburg Diocesan Partnership Committee meeting and deliberations on them were added to the agenda after the Word of Welcome.

The following persons were in attendance

Personal Names and email adresses hided by Juan A. Andres.


1. Ako
2. CWA
3. Djottin
4. Tabenken ? YCW
5. Tabenken ? CMA
6. Elak ? Chairperson
7. Binju-Nkambe
8. Elak
9. Coordinator
10. Youth Team
11. Youth Team

Minutes of the last meeting were read and moved correct by Mrs. Komtangi and Fr. Oliver Shey. The coordinator then read the minutes of the Partnership Committee meeting of Limburg.

Matters Arising From the Home Minutes
Letters granting Limburg the power of attorney were written by the youths who could not have visas and sent to Limburg. The issue of the refusal of visas to the youths is still being followed up. It was discovered that 28 visas were given by the consular services of the German Embassy, to Cameroonians to participate at the World Youth Day. While at the National meeting of Youth Chaplains, there were 17 dioceses present and those 17 diocese got 14 visas to participate, so the question was, ?Who were those who had the rest of the visas?? Among the 28 there were only 2 youths. The national delegation had only 3 people. The youth chaplains at the meeting wrote a complaint to the National Episcopal Conference sighting the irregularities recognized during the time of preparing for the World Youth Day.

Before the visas were refused the Diocese of Limburg had already incurred some expenses like procuring flight tickets on behalf of the Kumbo delegation. The members of the delegation on their part had already incurred some expenses as well. The diocese of Limburg promised to make a contribution to the youths to subsidize their expenditures on the preparations for the trip. Mr. Winfried Montz wrote to Fr. Daniel Ache saying that the money had been paid to the Kumbo Diocesan account and the Diocesan Financial Secretary is working on it. The youths will be expected to collect the money themselves and sign. The transaction may be through in two weeks from the date of this meeting. Fr. Daniel remarked that he was very grateful to Mr. Winfried Montz and the German side for coordinating all of this.

He said embassies in Cameroon now hardly give visas to those below the age of 40.The exception he went on is of those going out for studies in a field which is not being offered by our local universities. Participants were made to know that lots and lots of efforts were made to see that the visas were given but it was all in vain.

A participant thanked Fr. Daniel for this explanation saying that the youths in his parish are taking it badly and not participating well during youth events. Participants were called upon to help the local communities to realize that the aim of the youth ministry is not for youths to travel to Germany; Fr. Daniel added. So any of such disappointments should not be a cause for youth to refrain from youth activities in the parish.

The chairman of the Laity council who was at the beginning of the meeting said Fr. Daniel had explained the situation at the laity council and that Parish Pastoral Council chairpersons and priests should help to explain to the people in the parishes. He was grateful that Limburg is contributing for the expenditure of the youths.

Fr. Daniel said that the Philippines had the same problem but that when Limburg intervened the visas were given but that it couldn?t work here because our country is corrupt and could not explain the disappearance of some youth that had participated at an earlier youth day celebration. Working from such an experience, the consular services of the German embassy needed to be very careful in giving out the visas.

He informed participants that the construction of the JP2YC chaplaincy was suspended together with other diocesan projects at the time the Diocesan Pastoral Centre needed completion and inauguration. He said the financial secretary had informed him that work would soon resume on the project.

As for the fight against HIV/AIDS he said the struggle still continues. The number of those who need help is increasing and we should continue to give support, especially at our respective levels to the orphans and vulnerable children whom the Family Life Office now calls the Chosen Children of God. We should also at various levels encourage pregnant women to go for clinic. This among other things was to ensure prevention from mother to child.

Matters arising from the minutes of Limburg
Sharing was made on the evaluation of World Youth Day and the document is on the Internet and could be gotten from the website www.Kumbo-Limburg.org. It was discovered that most of those who were at the meeting had email addresses. Elak confirmed that they have been writing on all parish issues to their partners.

The coordinator expressed hope that Ako gets a partner as Ako is being advertised even by use of the Internet. Mr. Stefan Hector is working on a possible visit of adults from Kumbo to Limburg in the near future. Fr. Daniel also explained that he got a message from Bishop Kamphaus to Archbishop Esua during his induction which took place on the 23rd of January. He regretted that he was not given the opportunity by the organisers in Bamenda to present the message as it was and during the presentation of similar messages of congratulations. He however presented the message to Archbishop Esua later on the same day. He has sent some pictures of the event to Germany.

Reports from Parishes and Deliberations
Ako: They had their last meeting in October during which they encouraged partnership between missions to keep up the spirit while hoping for a new partner in Germany. A friend of Fr. Njingti wrote and said that they are working to see that Ako gets a partner The letter has been replied to. During the Parish Pastoral Council meeting he explained the visa problem. Two missions have participated in the local partnership. Ako was encouraged to write more on the website giving information about Ako.

Binju-Nkambe: They have not had a meeting for a long time. They have a partnership committee. The partnership is not yet strong. They had a letter from their partners before the celebration of the parish jubilee. They have not yet had any real contacts and the process is now slower with Fr. Stefan being on holiday in Frankfurt. Fr. Robert visits the website daily. Parishioners have not yet taken it serious and it is like it is still in Fr. Robert?s hands. He is working hard to get the Internet at the mission. He regretted that there were misunderstandings over the account he sent on behalf of the youth that did not go for the world youth day. He is happy that Limburg got over the issue and has now moved ahead to transfer the money for the youths. He said his youths who could not get the visas were settled and that parishioners understood the difficulties.

He was thanked for his efforts towards the partnership and for the struggle to get the internet connections. It was positively appreciated that the youths have gotten over the visa problem. Fr. Robert recommended that we respect the policies of the embassy on how they give out visas.

Elak: Had a partnership executive meeting on 2 February to reply to a letter they received in December from their partners, then they received the invitation to the diocesan partnership committee meeting and since the attendance to the executive meeting was poor they decided to reply to the letter after the diocesan committee meeting.

Ø They have revived youth activities in the parish
Ø Completed the parish house project
Ø Have two new projects; the Church in Nkfui and the Nursery school in Elak
Ø Have the AIDS and orphans project

The coordinator complained that there was poor flow of information in Elak as the Parish Priest claimed he was not informed of the visit of the delegation from Limburg that was here in September 2004 to the parish. It was agreed that in future when a message is sent to a parish a feedback must be gotten before the activity is carried out.

Djottin: They held two meetings: at one they agreed on how to distribute the gifts from their partners and evaluated the jubilee. At the second meeting they celebrated the feast day of their partner parish, made photos and sent to them. They sent a list of those infected with HIV/AIDS to their partner parish for individual partners who might at times subsidise for the cost of the drugs. They also sent letters admitting receipt of the gifts at the time Ulf and the delegation returned from Cameroon.

Tabenken: The interim chairperson of the partnership committee was at the meeting and had little to say for a report since he was just newly appointed to the post.

Fr. Robert was curious to know what was happening to the bakery infrastructure and what the level of correspondence between Tabenken and Oberad is like. It was answered that the two partners get in touch but there were doubts whether the correspondences get to the people on the part of Tabenken or remain at the level of the priest. Fr. Robert recommended that partner parishes should try to know what is happening to each other. He suggested that since the CNL is not being produced a partnership newspaper could be started where parishes sent news to be published monthly.

After deliberating on the issue it was agreed that Tabenken should call a partnership committee meeting including two members from each of the groups in the church and in the village and discuss the issue of the bakery and the health center looking at what they had lost to begin the projects, what they have and what they can do. It was suggested that the problem of the bakery could be coming from too much control from the clergy and religious. When they restart the bakery they should give it to one of the groups to run. They should advertise the bread in St. Rita?s College, Nkambe for a market and later on in St. John Bosco?s College, Ngarum. They can also solve the problem by being open about the things they saw not going well with the projects. When forming the partnership committee they should include the PPC chairperson, the priests and the sisters, members from CWA, Youth groups, CMA, Choir, teachers, Social Welfare, Family Life, Health Commission and other opinion leaders in the village. The chairperson of the committee should be from the main mission. If the Fon is a member his opinion should be like any other member?s contribution and not the final word; he added. They should aim at working without financial support from outside. Look for means of raising funds to revive the bakery. When they organize the meeting they should contact the partnership coordinator so he could attend the meeting with some other members of the diocesan partnership committee. The committee in Tabenken should meet every month. The next Diocesan Partnership committee meeting in June will take place in Tabenken. The members of the Diocesan Partnership Committee to attend the next Tabenken Parish Partnership Committee meeting will include Fr. Daniel Ache, Fr. Robert Tanto, Fr. Andrew Ngah, Mrs. Komtangi and Mr. Lukong Ephraim. Tabenken parish should ensure that the date of the meeting is communicated well on in time so people from this end could plan to be part of the meeting.

John Paul II Youth Centre: They have been working with parishes on the formation of Parish Sub-Commissions for the Youth Apostolate. Visits are being made to parishes to give training to the members of the commission. A member of the team is also attending the counseling course organized by the Family Life Office. She gives the input to the team when she comes back. There would be a meeting of the Youth For Life in March. Parishes were called upon to send two participants: a girl and a boy each. The number of students in the computer department continues to increase and those who complete get employment through the intervention of Sr. Kah and other services around.

They would start a sewing department to sew for the market and also train other youths in sewing. Fr. Robert suggested that the sewing department could be decentralized such that a few sewing machines are taken to the parishes and the products sold in Kumbo and elsewhere. He said this was the dream of the youth center and could hold for other departments that would be opened in future. The Youth Centre is also expecting a consignment of computers from Nascent Solutions Inc. which could be given out to students who complete from the center as starting capital, so they could be made to pay for them bit by bit. They are also thinking of candle production by engaging the use of wax which is a waste product from the production of honey in next door Elak parish.

CWA: They had general CWA diocesan congress at Nkor with 960 participants who mostly trekked from their various parishes. They had so many activities during the congress for which 10 parishes won prizes. Tabenken came first. Many women at the congress sold the products they produced as fruits of the Education for Women programme when they learnt how to make body lotion and omo. The women of Bondu in Tabenken make use of this training most. Mrs. Komtangi already wrote to Limburg about the congress.

There will be an international women?s seminar in Washington between May and June. Before the organizers limited the number of participants from Cameroon to 40, 52 women had already registered. Registration was left open for those who could afford and it happened that most of these are those who are not committed. Kumbo applied to Limburg to support them sponsor 3 participants to the seminar and Limburg accepted to sponsor 2. It was hoped that the women of Kumbo will represent good ideals at the seminar.

Mrs. Komtangi regretted that CWA leaders do not give their programmes to the priests and pleaded with the priests to understand, but it was seen that this was because some leaders remain in leadership for too long and become old. They were advised to revise their constitution.

Dr. Brigitta Sassin moved from the partnership desk on 30 November 2004. She now works in Pastoral Ministry in Frankfurt. Fr. Daniel already wrote to her on behalf of the partnership committee. A short message was prepared for her, which participants signed after the meeting to be scanned and sent to her.

Fr. Stefan Diefenbach is in Frankfurt and will be there for a year seemingly on a sabbatical.

Mr. Ulf Erdmann and his companions brought a banner with them, which was still a message of solidarity after the visa problem. The banner would be framed and placed on the wall in the team room at the youth center.

Bishop Kamphaus had brought a partnership candle for the Diocese of Kumbo. It was agreed that the candle be moving from one partner parish to another. The parish that is keeping the candle is expected to bring it each time when they come for partnership meetings so it could be handed over to the next parish. Tabenken did not bring it probably because of the unexpected change in leadership. The candle is still on in Tabenken.

Other Matters
Fr. Daniel announced that the partnership committee lost a member, the chairlady of Tabenken, Mrs Rose Nfor and it was agreed that the partnership meeting in Tabenken would start the day before the actual date at about 04:30 p.m. The next day there would be a mass with the Christian community for the repose of her soul and that of the chairperson before her. The partnership committee would present condolence gifts to the bereaved families.

The coordinator called on parishes and institutions to pay their annual participation and running dues of FCFA 25000 to the Diocesan Financial secretariat. He said the money should be sent in early so that the committee could subsidize the expenditures that Tabenken would incur to host the meeting in June.

The Feast Days of the various partner parishes in Limburg were given as follows:

Ø Nassua St. Boniface (Bishop, preacher of faith and martyr), June 5th
Ø Winden St. Wilibrord (Bishop, preacher of faith), November 7th
Ø Arnstein St. Margareta (martyr, virgin), July 20th

Closing Remarks
The coordinator thanked participants for their contributions especially as they discussed more concretely on issues glided over in the past. He called on partner parishes and institutions to build solidarity among them. He said everyone should be concerned with the Tabenken problem, hoped that the partnership of Djottin should continue to grow as it is doing, thanked Fr. Robert for his struggles towards the grounding of the partnership for Binju-Nkambe and challenged Ako to keep writing on the website. Called on all to make use of constructive collaboration. He read out the draft of the message the committee was expected to send to Dr. Sassin.

Prayers were led by Fr. Oliver Shey at 02:00 p.m. There was lunch and departure.
The next meeting will take place at Tabenken from 14 to 15 June 2006.

Bishop George Nkuo touches base with Kumbo Christians in maiden visit

Bishop George Nkuo touches base with Kumbo Christians in maiden visit
by Livinus Tal Bam

The new Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo, was recently in Kumbo for the initial contact with his new flock, in what has now been termed “The Unforgetable visit”. Never before has such a jubiliating crowd been seen, and the joy that was palpably felt even in the air itself, was so contageous that even people with a naturally downcast disposition could be seen rejoicing openly. If there is one thing the people Kumbo do well, it is their open-hearted welcome of all and any visitor.
July 17, 2006 at 02:06 AM

Congratulations from Limburg Diocese

Von: Montz, Winfried
Gesendet: Dienstag, 11. Juli 2006 13:31
Betreff: Congratulations from Limburg Diocese
Wichtigkeit: Hoch

Dear Archbishop Cornelius,
dear friends and partners in Kumbo,

we have gracefully heart about the news according to the appointment of the new bishop of Kumbo, Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo. We feel close to you and pray for you, tonight in the Diocesan Commission on Universal Church where Hiltrud Bibo and myself will have a presentation concerning the Kumbo-Limburg relation.

Please be so kind to transmit the attached letter of our Bishop Franz Kamphaus to Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo. Our Bishop received the news this morning and responded directly in his happiness about this appointment.

Please keep us informed about the date of ordination, because we would like to send a small delegation if possible to realise.

Sincere greetings from this end

Winfried Montz

Winfried Montz
Bishop’s House Limburg
Universal Church Desk
Rossmarkt 4
D- 65549 Limburg
Fon: ++49-6431-295-391
Fax: ++49-6431-295-236

Congratulations from Franz Kamphaus Bishop of Limburg

Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo
Bishop?s House Kumbo
P.O. Box 115
North West Province


Dear Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo,

our friends and partners in Kumbo Diocese have spread the good news that you have been appointed to become the second Bishop of Kumbo. We are very happy, that our twinned Diocese in the Northwest of Cameroon has a new shepherd to guide them on their way.

Myself personally, and the different parishes and groups being involved in the partnership relation on the Limburg side congratulate you to the vocation to guide the people of God in Kumbo Diocese. The Lord may bless you for your new responsibility. We wish you health, strength, confidence and energy for your journey among the Christian family of Kumbo Diocese to the future.

As partners of a twinned Diocese in Germany we feel close to you in Kumbo and want to go on with you in our mutual sharing and assistance like we have developed it in the episcopate of Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua. Personally, you are carrying the name of the patron of the Catholic Diocese of Limburg, St. George. We are happy for this wonderful sign of a relation among us in the universal church.

If it is possible we will try to express our happiness and friendship by a delegation taking part in the celebrations of your ordination.

We will include you and the whole Diocese of Kumbo in our prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Franz Kamphaus

Bishop of Limburg

This email was forwarded by:

Winfried Montz
Bishop’s House Limburg
Universal Church Desk
Rossmarkt 4
D- 65549 Limburg
Fon: ++49-6431-295-391
Fax: ++49-6431-295-236

Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo neuer Bischof von Kumbo / Kamerun

Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo neuer Bischof von Kumbo / Kamerun

Am Samstag, den 08. Juli 2006 wurde in Kumbo die gute Nachricht verbreitet, dass Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo neuer Bischof von Kumbo wird. Sein Vorgänger Cornelius Fontem Esua wurde am 23. Januar 2006 als Erzbischof des Nachbarbistums Bamenda eingeführt.

Rev. Fr. George wurde 1953 in Njinikom geboren. Der Grundschule in seinem Geburtsort folgte der Besuch des Gymnasiums am Bischof Rogan College in Buea. Er studierte am Grossen Seminar des Hl. Thomas v. Aquin in Bambui und wurde am 26. April 1981 durch Bischof Pius Awa von Buea zum Priester geweiht.

Rev. Fr. George war als Pfarrer in Mamfe und Kumba sowie als Bischofssekretär in Buea tätig. In Irland vertiefte er seine Studien der Erziehungswissenschaften. Nach seiner Rückkehr nach Kamerun war der Priester und Pädagoge bis zu seiner Bischofsernennung zwölf Jahre lang Schuldezernent der Katholischen Kirche. Er ist der Vorsitzende des Priesterrates der Kirchenprovinz und Nationalpräses der Kath. Frauenvereinigung Kameruns (CWA). Als ihn die Nachricht der Bischofsernennung ereilte, war Rev. Fr. George Nkuo mit einer CWA-Delegation bei der Weltversammlung der Kath. Frauenverbände in Amerika.

Rev. Fr. George stammt aus einer Familie mit fünf Kindern, er ist der älteste Sohn, seine älteste Schwester ist Franziskanerin im Konvent in Shisong / Bistum Kumbo.

In einem ersten Interview äußerte sich Rev. Fr. George Nkuo: ?Ich verstehe mein Amt in Kumbo als eine Reise im Glauben. Ich werde die Menschen im Bistum Kumbo begleiten und ihnen das Wort Gottes bringen. Ich hoffe, dass sie sich mit uns auf den Weg machen das Reich Gottes in dieser Diözese zu verkündigen und aufzubauen. ? Mein Blick richtet sich auf die Christen. Unser Glaube sollte nicht beim Kirchgang am Sonntag aufhören. Die Frohbotschaft muss Teil unseres täglichen Lebens sein. Mein Hauptaugenmerk lag immer darauf, dass jeder Christ und jede Christin, die zur Kirche kommen, einen Teil der Frohbotschaft mitnehmen, der ihr Leben hilfreich verändert.?

I Will Work With The Poor – New Kumbo Bishop

by Pegue Manga

The new Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, Monsignor George Nkuo, has said he will work with people who have been deprived of their rights.Pope Benedict XIV, Saturday, July 8, appointed Father Nkuo Bishop of Kumbo. He replaces Bishop Cornelius Esua Fontem, who is now Archbishop of Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province.

Speaking to The Post in his residence in Buea, Bishop Nkuo said, “One of the things the church does is to be closer to the poor and suffering people who are deprived of their rights both in spirit and the gospel.

His Lordship George Nkuo:New Bishop of Kumbo

So I will make sure I get closer to the people not to instigate them into radicalism but bring peace in a non-violent way,” Bishop Nkuo declared.The new Bishop, who has been a priest for 25 years, said he joined the priesthood in order to bring peace amongst humankind.

“I had the urge to serve and bring peace to the world, the urge to resolve conflict amongst people and trying to make people happy by bringing them closer to God.”
It is with this thought that Bishop Nkuo will be going to his new station, where the people are conscious of their rights and exude radicalism if need be.

“I have a rough idea of my new station because we belong to the same ecclesiastic province and have a common pastoral spirit. I will get closer to the people and preach peace,” he stressed.

He said there would be new things out there in Kumbo but “the spirit is the same and I am sure that we are going to work. We would be up to the task,” he declared.

Whiffs of Nostalgia

Bishop Nkuo worked as Catholic Education Secretary for the Buea Diocese for 12 years; this explains why he finds it difficult leaving Buea. “I am still trying to get over it. I have not even come to terms with the fact that I am leaving Buea, but, by virtue of my appointment, I am no longer a priest in Buea Diocese.”

On what difficulties he faced in the Buea Diocese, Bishop Nkuo explained: “I had difficulties of being able to penetrate certain areas and certain people. I worked a lot with schools where we had a lot of problems taking care of teachers, paying their salaries.”

One of my low moments, the new Bishop said, was, for example, when I had teachers who were sick, hungry and dying and I had no means to support them and everything seemed to be crumbling.

“But because I had faith in God I was able to sail through. God will never abandon us at any point in our lives. We worked very hard and closely together. There was a great understanding with the teachers,” he said.

Despite these difficulties, Bishop Nkuo said he was able to leave a legacy. “New schools were created and they are bustling with life. Our colleges are in good state and I want to thank God for that.”

What does he think of his predecessor, Bishop Esua? Nkuo answered: “Bishop Esua is an excellent, dynamic and hardworking man. I really do not know whether there is anything I am going to do new because he has done a lot. I will follow in his footsteps and do my best to carry on.”

Bishop Nkou celebrates with Christians in his Buea residence

How They See Him

Father Aloysius Nkwain Boh is curator of the Buea Town Parish, who worked with Bishop Nkuo for two years. He says he is the right man for the job.”I regret he is leaving but I am very happy he is going to take care of the flock of God up in Kumbo. I think he is the right choice,” he said.

Father Aloysius said the new Bishop loves priesthood and is readily available. “I regret his going. He is a very good priest and I loved the time we spent together.”Reverend Sister Euphrasia Yuh, from Small Soppo Parish, Buea, said she would miss Bishop Nkuo as education secretary.

“He gave me a lot of encouragement during my seminars with teachers of religious studies. He is generous, hardworking, spiritually-minded and very concerned about others,” she said.


Bishop George Nkuo was born on January 28, 1953 in Njinikom, Boyo Division, Northwest Province to the family Ferdinand Nkuo (late) Catherine Faum (late). He is the third child in a family of five children. The young Nkuo attended St. Anthony’s Primary School Njinikom between 1960-1966, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate.

Between 1967-74 he attended Bishop Rogan College, Soppo (Junior Seminary), where he had his GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels.The young Nkuo then moved to St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Bambui between 1974-1981 where he bagged a BA in Philosophy. He was ordained priest on April 26, 1981.

Between 1989-1991 Bishop Nkuo was in the National University of Ireland and St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, where he obtained a Higher Diploma in Education and a Masters in Education.

The then Father Nkuo was appointed to the Catholic Mission Mamfe as Curate Manager of Schools between 1981-1983. Between 1983-1985 he was Manager of Schools in Catholic Mission Kumba Town. He was Principal of St. Francis College Fiango, Kumba from 1991 to 1994. He was finally transferred to Buea in 1994 where he served as Catholic Education Secretary until his appointment as Bishop.Nkuo likes reading and listening to Gospel music.

Monday, 10 July 2006 at 05:36 PM

Father George Nkuo named Bishop of Kumbo

Father George Nkuo named Bishop of Kumbo

Interviewed by Mirabel Azangeh Tandafor Mgrnkuo_1

With the nomination of Bishop Cornelius Fontem Esua as Archbishop of Bamenda early this year, Christians in the Diocese of Kumbo have constantly expressed their impatience over the naming of their next bishop. So the news of a new Bishop for the Kumbo, on Saturday afternoon was a welcome relief for many people. In Buea, there has been a steady influx of merry-makers to the Bishops? House in Buea. Amidst the jubilation, L?Effort camerounais caught up with the new Bishop for an exclusive interview. Excerpts.

My Lord, how did you receive the news of your nomination as the new Bishop of Kumbo?
Nobody expects a thing like that. It was a surprise. Actually, I was out of the country when my Bishop called me back. That was breaking news for me because I was not expecting anything like that at all since I was going to be out of the country for about three months. I then had to rush back home. It was a big surprise to me.

What were you doing out of the country?
I accompanied the Catholic Women Association, CWA, of which I am the National Chaplain. We went for the World Meeting of Catholic Women Association. We were going to have a General Assembly, and after that I was going to take a short holiday.

How do you think your new flock can help to make your ministry move smoothly in Kumbo?
It is a journey of faith. I will like to accompany the people of the Diocese of Kumbo, bring the word of God to them and I am hoping that they will join us to proclaim and build the Kingdom of God in that diocese. I will just be continuing what my predecessor, Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua started.

What about the priests and Religious?
I know a good number of them. I have been working with the priests as their Provincial Chairman of the Association of Diocesan Priests. So I know their concerns, their expectations. They know me. I am one of them. I think the important thing is that we should work together; work hard, preach the Gospel, be dedicated and take active part in building the Kingdom of God in Kumbo.

What message do you leave behind for your former parishioners and collaborators?
In Buea, I have been Education Secretary for Catholic Schools. I can only tell the teachers and principals, managers and students with whom I have worked, that we have done a great job and I would like them to continue to foster Catholic education in the Diocese of Buea. I know they are capable of the task. My main wish is that that they should continue to build these schools because that is where the future of the current generation lies.

Do you have a message just for educationists?
Actually, I have worked mainly as education secretary. I have never really been a Parish Priest. But I also have a very keen interest for Pastoral Work. The people of Buea with whom I have worked for 12 years, know that I like celebrations; celebrating the word of God with them, celebrating the Liturgy with them. I will like to encourage them to be more dedicated, more committed in their Christian lives.
Particularly, my real concern is that as Christians, our faith should not just end at Church-going or ?Sunday-Christians?. The Gospel has to be part of our daily lives. My major preoccupation has always been for every Christian who comes to Church to take back with him or her a piece of the Gospel that will help change our lives.

How prepared are you, as an individual, to meet your new folk?
Who can ever be prepared? Nobody is ever fully prepared. All I know is that I have been a priest, I have always done my best to be a priest and I will continue to do my best in the new task that awaits me. There is no other way to prepare than to pray and ask God to assist you and to follow all the directives of the Church at any point in time.

Any special message?
I wish like to thank God for calling me to serve him in a new capacity as Bishop of Kumbo, and I ask the people of God to pray that I live up to the task and dedicate myself entirely to that service. I also ask God to bless me and the people I will be serving.

Thank you My Lord.

Brief Biography
Rev Father Geaorge was born in 1953 in Njinikom. He attended primary school there, and secondary school in Bishop Rogan College, Buea. He went to St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui, where he completed in the third batch and was ordained priest by Bishop Pius Awa in 1981.
He has served in parishes in Mamfe and Kumba and was the Bishop?s Secretary in Buea for some time. He pursued further studies in Ireland on Education. He is an educationist by profession. When he returned to Cameroon, he was appointed Catholic Education Secretary two years later, a position he occupied for the past 12 years, until his nomination on July 8, 2006, as Bishop of Kumbo.
Bishop George Nkuo is from a family of five. Both his parents are of blessed memory. He is the first boy, and has two brothers and two sisters. His older sister, who is the eldest among the children, is a Franciscan Sister in Shisong.

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Reactions in Yaounde following the nomination of the Bishop of Kumbo

Reactions in Yaounde following the nomination of the Bishop of Kumbo

Canvassed by Irenaeus Chia Chongwain

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has named a New Bishop for Kumbo Diocese. He is Mgr. George Nkuo, who has replaced Bishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, now Archbishop of Bamenda. Shortly after making public the nomination, the Archbishop of Yaounde, Mgr Victor Tonye Bakot, said he was full of joy, especially as the people of Kumbo did not have to wait too long before having a new Bishop. L’Effort camerounais also talked to Nso and Kom indigenes in Yaounde, since the new Bishop now belongs to the Diocese of Lumbo and is a native of Kom, respectively. Here is what some of them had to say:

Douglas A. Achingale ? Social Worker/ Journalist
The appointment of Mgr George Nkuo comes as a welcome relief especially for Christians who known him. He had long distinguished himself as a true man of God. His appointment as Education Secretary for Buea Diocese was sufficient proof. He is also a prolific writer and against this backdrop, the Pope?s decision is not surprising.
By expressing his view in writing, he elevated himself and stood out from the others. He is a square peg in a square hole. I am very delighted and I am looking forward to meeting him personally. I hope he completes the unfinished works of Archbishop Esua.

Njodzela Walter Yuver – Student, Yaounde University

I am very happy because Kumbo had gone for a long time without a Bishop. Mgr George Nkuo was not chosen randomly. He was appointed from Rome. He is an old man in his faith, given his years, his duration as a priest, and the portfolios he has held in the Church. I feel like going back to Kumbo as I can imagine the festive mood there.
I expect him to continue with the spirit left behind by Bishop Cornelius Esua. I expect him to equally carry on with the project Bishop Esua started, like creating more parishes, and opening more schools.

Godlove Versife Gham – Student
The news came as a surprise because many people had other priests in mind. Little did we know the Holy Father could go looking right in Njinikom. Kumbo was already like children without a father and we are now happy. We thank God for the decision. I hope he continues with the great work started by Bishop Esua. We expect him to build and create more vocations for Kumbo, unite our priests and the Nso tribe under the umbrella of the Catholic Church in Kumbo.

Njingu Mary ? Mangdalene Ndatchi – Teacher
I am overwhelmed because Mgr George Nkuo is somebody who is so hardworking and God-fearing. He is an exemplary figure. I expect him to tackle the problem of the ordinations of priests. There is a grudge now that children from Nso are favoured when it comes to the ordination of priests. I want him as somebody with a liberal mind to look into this allegation. If somebody has a vocation, nothing should impede his ordination.

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Dear Mr. Montz,
Greetings from the diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon.
Today, and on behalf of the entire family of the diocese of Kumbo, I am happy to share with you the news of the appointment of a new Bishop for the diocese of Kumbo.

The Rt. Rev. Fr. George Nkuo, was ordained 25 years ago and is a priest from the 2nd batch of the St. Thomas Aquinas’ Major Seminary, Bambui.
Before his appointment as Bishop of Kumbo, he has been the Catholic Education Secretary for the diocese of Buea and current provincial chairperson of the Association of Diocesan Priests.

We are happy to have him as a replacement for Archbishop Esua, in that, he as well as Archbishop Esua was to us, posseses first of all very good qualities and virtues as a human being and a leader.
We invite you all to join us in thanking God for the gift of a Bishop and also that he will succeed in his work of shepharding the flock of the diocese of Kumbo.

Fr. Daniel

Kumbo now has a new Bishop

Emmanuel F. Sanosi

MgrnkuoAt 12.00 Noon today, Saturday July 8, the Christian community in Cameroon had reason to rejoice, as the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, Mgr Eliseo Antonio Ariotti, announced over CRTV, the nomination by the Holy Father, of Rev Fr George Nkuo, as the new Bishop of Kumbo.

The announcement, actually made by the Archbishop of Yaounde, Mgr Victor Tonye Bakot who was standing in for the Nuncio, came as a great relief to especially the Lay Faithful of Kumbo, who have on several occasions, expressed their anxiety as they waited for a new Bishop.
Father George was until today, Catholic Education Secretary in the Diocese of Buea. He is taking over the Diocese of Kumbo from Mgr Cornelius Fontem Esua, who took over the Crosier from Archbishop Paul Verdzekov in the Archdiocese of Bamenda in January 2006.
Father Nkuo was ordianed in 1981 in the third batch of the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui.

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